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5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your SOLVAO Products

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your SOLVAO Products

Congratulations, you’ve taken advantage of the cost-saving capabilities of solar energy! 

With your new SOLVAO solar product, you can use the solar energy to power your life anywhere the sun shines.

At SOLVAO, our mission is to make the world a better place with affordable, emission-free solar energy. If you’re a part of our mission, you can get the most out of our solar-powered products by following these 5 simple steps.

1.  Take Them With You

Solar panels can be charged anywhere as long as you get some direct sunlight. As a truly portable way to efficiently generate electricity, you can bring our products wherever life takes you.

For a quick light anywhere you need it, we suggest our 4 LED Solar Spotlight. Our customers get the most out of this best-selling product by easily transporting it to any spot that requires a little extra illumination, such as on camping trips or outdoor special events.

RVs, van-lifers, tailgaters, and outdoor enthusiasts alike can all keep their 12v batteries charged with our 7.5 Watt Trickle Charger. Completely portable, these solar panels help our customers access off-grid energy to keep vehicles running smoothly.

2.  Disable or Change Modes to Prolong Use

Although they automatically turn off each morning, our solar lights can also be manually shut down for longer periods of time. If you are not using your light, and it is not necessary for the security of your home, you can maximize the usable hours of your devices by turning them off while you are away.

Switching to different modes such as Motion Sensor mode vs Steady Mode also keeps from using battery power and ensures that the battery is fully charged when most needed.


Here is an example of how to ensure your lights stay on for special occasions: If you plan on hosting friends or family, keeping your SOLVAO string lights turned off for a few days leading up to hosting will ensure they have a full charge when you have guests.

3.  Keep Them From the Harshest Conditions

Harsh winter conditions can cause some outdoor solar products to become damaged to the point of product failure. If you are expecting a few inches of snow, ground-mounted SOLVAO solar lights can be brought inside to maximize their lifespan.

Although our products are IP rated and waterproof, bringing them inside during the harshest conditions will reduce the small likelihood of malfunction when coming in contact with extreme heat, cold, and moisture.

Remember that some of our products such as the 60 LED Motion Sensor Light, are rated to IP65 for year-round waterproof and weatherproof product operation. Although giving the lights a rest will extend their lifetime, many of our devices are manufactured with winter in mind.

4.  Get Creative

In reality, getting the most out of your SOLVAO products is truly up to how you choose to use them. For security, outdoor kitchens, campsites, and more, the possibilities are endless when you have access to free solar energy.

We continue to add solar products that can be used in a variety of ways.  From camping trips to special events, there’s almost always a use for solar.

Some creative examples of how to use solar energy in your everyday life:

  • Use a solar spotlight to uplight surrounding trees on your camping trip
  • Take some solar string lights with you for an outdoor event with no nearby electricity
  • Use solar post cap lights to create a walkway or border for a beach campfire

5.  Don’t Forget to Grab a Spare!

Like most things in life, it never fails to have a back-up plan. Unexpected product failure from device malfunctions, human or animal damage, and unforeseen circumstances may make you wish that you had purchased in extra in the first place.

Several of our products come in 2-packs, such as our Solar Post Cap Lights.  Get more light or keep a spare instantly by doubling your purchase with a cost-saving quantity discount.

Have any questions about getting the most out of your SOlVAO products? Feel free to contact us today to talk about your solar energy solution.

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