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4 Ways to Impress Friends, Family & Neighbors with Solar Lighting

4 Ways to Impress Friends, Family & Neighbors with Solar Lighting

With all the available options for outdoor lighting and décor, keeping up with the Jones’s can be a challenge.  Solar-powered lighting products are the easy, affordable, and flexible way to add functional, charming outdoor lighting to any space, large or small.

As an environmentally friendly way to add a little bit of illumination to any exterior space, solar lights have been steadily growing in popularity for the past several decades. Although the possibilities are essentially endless, we’ve put together this list of 4 ways to impress your neighbors, friends, and family by adding solar lighting to your outdoor areas.


Illuminate Your Flag

Did you know traditional US Flag Code guidelines state that the American flag should not be displayed at night unless illuminated?  Adding a solar powered flag light solves this!

For wall-mounted flags and even flags on poles, solar spotlights provide the ideal solution to light up a flag without adding costs to your monthly electric utility bills. Showcase your your American pride day and night!  You can also light up the flag of your state, town, school, or favorite sports team.

In addition to flags, solar spotlights can be used to illuminate signs, walls on your house, or as decorative uplighting for trees or other plants on your property or in your garden.

Built to last for the outdoors, guests and visitors will appreciate your pride with a flag illuminated by a durable solar spotlight.

Product recommendation: Our SS40 solar spotlight is ideal for lighting wall mounted flags 20 feet above ground or lower.  Or use multiple solar spotlights to shine up a taller flag pole from different angles.


Add Function & Security

Can you think of an area around your home or yard which is always too dark, but no electrical outlets are available?  Perhaps you fumble around with your trash cans each time you take out the garbage.  Do you have a long walkway or entryway where guests are forced to walk in the dark?

Solar motion sensor lights are a great solution to light up dark areas anywhere, without the need for electrical outlets.  They are small, compact, can be easily installed, and pack a big, bright punch. 

Envision your guests walking alongside a wall or fence to enter your home.  While they may normally enter in complete darkness, strategically placing solar motion sensor lights along the walkway will provide the lighting they need to see their way in.  Every few steps another motion sensor is triggered, lighting the way for a luxurious entrance!

The security features of a motion sensor light are an added bonus.  Many people place these lights in entryways, alleys, side streets, or above a garage to ward off intruders.  If lights are triggered continually by a burglar or other trespasser, these criminals are much more likely to move on to the next place.  This will give your family and guests an added sense of security while at your home

Although motion-sensing lights have been around for a while, visitors will likely be impressed upon discovering that you’ve opted to go solar. Pretty soon, you, your friends, and your family will grow accustomed to the luxurious experience of having solar power light the way.

Product recommendations: For a more traditional looking motion sensor light, you may opt for the SL260 with 26 ultra bright LEDs and a 10’-12’ range.  For a more modern design, higher brightness, and longer range, we recommend our SL600, with 60 LEDs and a 12’-16’ range.


Enhance Your Holidays and Events

One of the best features of solar powered lighting is that it’s portable!  That means you can add charm and ambiance to ANY location, just by adding solar lights.

Now that solar lighting has become commonly used and manufactured around the world, a variety of options have emerged: string lights, post lights, walkway lights, and more!

Holidays like Christmas and events like weddings are particularly popular occasions to incorporate solar lighting.  Outdoor events on your property can be instantly enhanced simply by charging up some solar lights and bringing them in for a few weeks or even a single night.

Product recommendations: Solar string lighting is a particular favorite for holidays and events, making the STL100 an ideal option.  Add charming lighting to a fence, deck, or other barrier with the SPL240 solar post cap lights.  Illuminate a walkway using solar downlighting or uplighting using the SS40 solar spotlight


Switch Completely to Solar

We will leave you with this: the possibilities of solar lighting are indeed endless, and the money to be saved is countless!

For entertaining and added security in all seasons, outfit your fencing, decks, and walls with charming and functional decorative lighting and motion sensor lights to make your family and guests feel secure.  Add uplighting and downlighting to your garden, trees, flowers and other plants for added charm.  And decorate your patios and entertaining areas with string lighting to create a bright, welcoming atmosphere.

When choosing solar lighting, your initiative to purchase environmentally friendly products is guaranteed to both be a conversation piece and the subject of much acclaim. If your well-lit space and lowered electricity bills aren’t enough for you, simply invite over some friends, family, or neighbors and let the compliments roll in!

Product recommendations: Do an “audit” of your outdoor areas and see what traditional electrical lighting can be replaced by solar.  Then see where solar could be added for particular benefit.  Visit the SOLVAO products page to see which of our products you can swap out or add to create your solar powered outdoor area.  Or contact us for a free consultation – we are happy to help!

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