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Save Big Bucks by Switching Your Outdoor Lighting to Solar

Save Big Bucks by Switching Your Outdoor Lighting to Solar

Remember when you were young and your parents constantly told you to turn off the lights when you left a room? Although it seemed ridiculous at the time, you now know that high electricity bills can be a harsh reality.

Today, more and more people are turning to solar to save money on lighting up their outdoor areas. The process of replacing traditional outdoor lights with solar alternatives is an easy, affordable way to cut down on monthly expenses while adopting an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Of course, product research and installation take time and energy, so many people wonder if solar lights are worth the hassle. To help push you in the right direction, we’ve developed this quick guide to show you how much you can save with outdoor solar lighting.  We’ll also provide some suggestions for products to use when replacing your current outdoor lighting.

The Real Cost of Outdoor Lighting

Did you know that a traditional outdoor lighting installation typically costs homeowners $25 per month in electricity? At $25 per month, that’s $300 of your hard-earned money spent every year illuminating your outdoor living space.  For homes and properties with a lot of space to light up, this expense will be even larger.

While there is no price on the security and enjoyment of your family and property, it’s worth noting that running your exterior lights can cost $1,000 or more every 2-3 years.

While energy-efficient LEDs have helped drastically reduce these costs, utility bills have risen by over 40% nationally in the past 15 years, with no real signs of stopping. With this in mind, even the most efficient LEDs will bear a significant cost annually.

Luckily, there is an alternative that will provide you with beautiful, functional outdoor lighting without a single monthly cost: solar lighting!

The Cost of Sunlight: Free

Although this is obvious, most people do not take advantage of the fact that sunlight is free.

Once you invest in a solar-powered product, there are no operating costs and of course, no monthly charges.  You will of course have to pay the upfront cost to purchase new solar lights, but having zero electrical costs typically allow outdoor solar lighting systems to “pay for themselves” in as little as a month.

High quality outdoor solar lights typically last up to five years. Compared to the ordinary electricity costs outlined above, this means that freely operating solar lights have the potential to save you thousands of dollars throughout their lifespan.

Slash Your Electric Bills

Like taxes and death, many people think paying their electric bill is simply a part of life. Although this is true for many of us, there are still several ways to dramatically reduce monthly electricity costs with solar lifestyle products.

Inside of your home, most costs associated with heating your interior can be eliminated with high-quality insulation alongside energy-efficient windows and appliances. Outside of your home, outdoor lighting can be replaced with lights powered by the sun.

The best way to slash your outdoor electric bills is by switching your electric-powered outdoor lights to solar lights.  Here are some next steps:

  1. Start by taking inventory of the outdoor lighting on your property.  
  2. Then, look through the next section of this article and see what solar alternatives are available to your current outdoor lights.  
  3. Find and purchase products that will seamlessly replace your current lighting options.  You may even find some ideas for new products to add to your outdoor space!
  4. After replacing your current electrical lights with solar, compare your electric bill month to month and be amazed by the difference!


Products to Get You Started

Are you ready to save on your electricity costs today?  Here are a few great suggestions to get you started:

  • Replace walkway, pathway, and flag lighting:   SS40 Solar Spotlight - This multi-purpose light is our best seller and can be used for a variety of applications.
  • Replace security lights, floodlights, and wall lighting: SL600 Solar Motion Sensor Light - Perfect for steps, garages, walls, and other dark, heavily trafficked areas.
  • Replace lights on fence posts, walls, decks, or docks: SPL240 Solar Post Cap Lights - Creates a warm, inviting ambiance around your home and walkways.
  • Replace string lights and other decorative lighting: 12 LED Solar String Lights - Ideal for creating a warm atmosphere for entertaining, events and holidays.

Still Need Help?  Contact An Expert

Do you still have questions after reading through this guide?  Looking for some expert advice? Feel free to contact us for a free email consultation today. We love talking to anyone interested in learning about cost-effective outdoor solar lighting solutions.  

You can also visit a local hardware store, some of which contain a limited supply of solar-powered products to choose from.  If you have an ACE Hardware nearby, their staff tends to be quite helpful.

You can also browse all SOLVAO solar products to see everything we have to offer.

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