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How Much Can You Save by Switching Outdoor Lighting to Solar?

How Much Can You Save by Switching Outdoor Lighting to Solar?

How much money can you save by switching your outdoor lights to solar-powered devices?  Well... how much are you paying right now?

To many people’s surprise, the amount of money spent running outdoor lights can be astronomical if these lights are continually left on night after night.

Although no one likes picking apart their electricity bill, a closer look will reveal that you can easily save hundreds of dollars per year or more by switching to outdoor solar lights.

The true cost of outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting is a critical part of any property for the safety, comfort, and security of homeowners, renters, and property owners everywhere. Unfortunately, every second your floodlights, pathway lamps, or tasteful string lights are plugged in and running, it is going to cost you a few pennies.

A few pennies are nothing to worry about, right? Well actually, let’s do the math to see just how quickly it can all add up:

  • Let’s say you buy a nice security light that shines two bright 43W Halogen Bulbs.
  • While running, your light consumes about 0.1 kWh of electricity each hour.
  • Running at an average of 10 hours per night for 365 nights = 365 kWh per year.
  • In 2021, the average electricity rate in the United States is just over 13 cents per kWh, which means one security light would cost roughly (365 * $0.132) about $50 per year to run every night.

While $50 per year probably won’t change your life, that amount is only for one light. If you have 5 lights, we’re now up to $250/year, and with 10 that’s $500/year.  Now we’re looking at over $40 per month.  See how that adds up!?  

When considering flag pole lights, deck lights, pathway lights, and more, multiple outdoor fixtures will quickly add up to hundreds of dollars per year.

As electricity bills continue to increase, and tiered rates charge more per kWh for heavy consumers, savings can skyrocket with a complete solar transformation.

How much can you save with outdoor solar lighting?

Although it may sound a bit cliché, there is truly no limit on the amount of money you can save with outdoor solar lighting. Solar energy is free, so solar lights can be run all night without worrying about racking up the electric bill.

Essentially what this means is that the only true cost of solar lighting is the upfront price of the unit. With today’s technology, solar lights may cost just about the same as traditional electric lights with one distinct difference: solar lights pay for themselves.

Take for example the SOLVAO 60 LED Motion Sensor Light. This super bright security light costs only $19.99, which is less than half of the cost to run the traditional light from our example above.

Keeping in mind that you will save $50 per year on utility bills to run your security light, this means that you will completely recoup the costs of your purchase within a few months.

From there, you can maximize your outdoor energy efficiency with solar power for just about every light fixture on your property. 

To get started, feel free to check out all of our solar-powered lights to transform your outdoor living space into a bright, money-saving environment.


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