Power your life with the power of the sun.

How Solar Products Offer Portable, Cost-Free Solutions

How Solar Products Offer Portable, Cost-Free Solutions

There’s a lot to like about solar energy. Solar does not emit any greenhouse gases while producing electricity, and most of the materials can be recycled.

Plus, solar panels use semiconducting silicon wafers to generate electricity, which are made with the second most abundant element on the planet.

The best part about solar energy, however, is that it is portable and free.

What is the Price of Sunshine?

Sunshine is everywhere on the planet. Not always at the same time obviously, but it is true that sunshine is the most abundant source of energy in the world. 

And guess what?  You can use it to generate energy at no cost!

Until local governments find out a way to tax the sun, everyone on earth is free to use solar power by using solar products from lighting to energy production. Of course, let’s hope the sun tax never comes.

Solar Power Everywhere

Today, solar energy’s global potential is being used in a variety of dispersed capacities large and small. As governments, utilities, and property owners install large solar panel arrays to power their lives, it is more possible than ever to adopt sustainable energy on a small scale.

Why Solar Lighting?

Although once considered a joke, the “solar-powered flashlight” is truly a reality of today. Many small devices can charge internal batteries with onboard solar panels in order to shine bright and long-lasting lights.

After the sun goes down, solar lights can keep your life illuminated into the wee hours of the night anywhere in the world.

Everyday Uses for Solar Products

Here are a few specific ways you can use solar products at your home or business:

Stick it in the Ground

Wherever there is earth, you can stick a small solar light into the ground. Thanks to their portability, staked solar lights can be used in your garden and brought on your next camping trip.

The best portable solar light: SOLVAO 4 LED Solar Spotlight

  •     Our bestselling solar light
  •     Versatile use (stake and mount)
  •     4 Bright LEDs (200 powerful lumens)
  •     Low black profile
  •     Full 180 degrees of motion
  •     No wiring
  •     Weather-resistant

 With a simple solar spotlight, the possibilities are endless. If you cannot stake it in the ground, no problem. It also comes with a mount perfect for walls, flagpoles, fences, decks, and more.

Create an Ambiance

Are you ready to enjoy the outdoors? With solar-powered string lights, it is possible to create a warm light ambiance anywhere that the sun shines.

The best solar-powered ambiance light: 12 LED Solar String Lights

  •     12 individual LED bulbs
  •     27 feet of illumination
  •     Warm cozy light for up to 6 hours
  •     Full charge in 6 hours of sun
  •     Replaceable bulbs
  •     Automatic evening illumination with day/night sensor
  •     Lightweight and easy to install

Simply weave your string lights through tree branches, deck fixtures, and more to create a warm lit atmosphere anywhere you can imagine. For tailgates, festivals, trade shows, and every other outdoor gathering, solar string lights make remote, sustainable lighting easy.

Keep Your Vehicle Batteries Topped Off

Ever go to start one of your vehicles for the first time in a while and the battery has died?  This is common for vehicles such as RVs, ATVs, and even cars that aren’t used regularly.

These vehicles are often kept “off the grid” in areas that don’t have access to electricity.

So what do you do to avoid this hassle?  Solar has a solution for that!

The power of the sun can be used with a solar powered trickle charger.  This portable solution lets you simply connect the solar panel to your 12v battery and the panel sends just enough electricity to keep the battery topped off. 

Keep your 12v batteries from dying: SOLVAO 7.5W Solar Trickle Charger

Have any questions? Feel free to contact us today about your solar solution. For a little inspiration, you can also browse our entire line of solar-powered products

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