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The Many Uses of Solar Lighting

The Many Uses of Solar Lighting

Do you like to save money?  Are you concerned about the environment?  Did you know that you can easily make an impact in both areas just by making a simple switch in your life?  

How, you might ask?  It’s easy!  Replacing old light fixtures around your home or business with solar powered products has never been more cost effective or easier to do.

Solar lighting is free to use (no utility bill costs!) and can efficiently illuminate a home or business for the comfort and security of yourself and your family. By using solar instead of traditional electricity, you are making a positive impact on the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

Oh, and many solar lights are portable, so you’re welcome to use them wherever you’d like (such as camping trips)!

To get you inspired, we’ve drawn up this list of some of the most popular uses of solar lighting.

Pathway Lights

It’s always nice to have an illuminated path when approaching your house in the dark. It’s even better to know that your pathway lights aren’t racking up your electric bill, and are using environmentally friendly solar energy.

Solar pathway lights create a welcoming and safe environment for you, your family, and your guests. Plus, they can be used anywhere the sun shines, and they turn on automatically each night.

Finally, most “solar pathway lights” are portable with a huge variety of uses. Small, ground-mounted solar pathway lights can also be used to light up plants, decorations, flags, and more.

Featured product:  SS40 Solar Spotlight 

  • Multi-purpose light with a variety of applications
  • Ultra-bright LEDs (200 Lumens)
  • In-ground stake or mounted
  • Large range of motion to shine light anywhere
  • Weather-proof
  • One of our best sellers

Fence Lights

Similar to pathway lights, modern solar fence lights offer a new generation of convenient sustainable lighting. More efficient than ever, solar-powered fence lights can automatically brighten your deck, patio, dock, gate and so much more.

Solar fence lights are designed to work with all material types including PVC, wood, plastic, vinyl, and metal. Be sure to measure your fence posts before making a purchase!

Featured product: SPL240 Solar Post Cap Lights

  • Come in packs of 2
  • Fits 4x4 inch posts
  • Auto On/Off function
  • Durable for year-round use
  • Easy to install, comes with hardware

Security & Mounted Wall Lights

While fence and path lights add a bit of security to your property, there are also more powerful options to make sure your home and business are safe.

Outdoor security lights can be left on throughout the night or set to automatically turn on when motion is detected. With motion detection, your solar lights conserve battery while not in use, and surprise intruders when activated.

Featured product: SL600 Solar Motion Sensor Light

  • Mounts easily on walls, garages, carports, fences, steps, and other dark, heavily-trafficked areas
  • Motion sensing technology allows a full night of operation
  • Fully charges in as little as 4 hours of direct sunlight
  • Dim and bright modes for preferred usage

Garden and Ambiance Lighting

Next, if you want to welcome guests rather than repel strangers, outdoor garden and ambiance lighting can create a warm environment for entertaining.

With the sky as your limit (don’t forget the sky is powering your lights), the exterior decorating possibilities are endless with solar lights. Once set up at home, your lights may look so good that you forget they’re portable and can easily be brought to events, campsites, and more.

Hang solar string lights on any patio, pergola, deck, or even from trees to add some ambiance to your home and outdoor areas.

Featured product: 12 LED Solar String Lights

  • Easy to install and use
  • Large, warm lit atmosphere
  • Extremely affordable outdoor lighting option

Indoor Solar Lighting

This may surprise you, but it is possible to utilize indoor solar lighting without having to install a large solar array on your roof. Standalone products like solar shed lights make it possible to easily install a sun-powered lamp within an indoor space.

In other cases (especially RVs), small solar panels can be used to charge 12v batteries. With this, you can run lights, appliances, and more all with solar power.

Featured product: SOLVAO 7.5W Solar Trickle Charger & Battery Maintainer

  • Built-in charge protection
  • Extremely lightweight (under 3 pounds)
  • Comes with mounting screws and battery clamps

How to Get Started

Not sure how to get started? Feel free to contact us for a free email consultation. You can also browse all SOLVAO solar products to see everything we have to offer.

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